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Rules & Regulations

by Town of Ceredo

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Below are the Rules and Regulations governing the use of the cemetery property. If you have any questions concerning these policies please contact a board member.

Decorations placed on graves for Memorial Day week are to be removed by the 7th day after Memorial Day. During the period between April 15 through October 15, except for Memorial Day week as noted above, any decorations you do not wish disposed of must be in a wire rack or vase fastened to the top of or on an elevated gravestone. Those left on the ground will be removed & disposed of to permit mowing and trimming.

Monuments/Markers that are installed in the cemetery must have a concrete foundation of at least 4 inches depth and must be properly aligned with other monuments/markers in the cemetery. If assistance is needed please contact a board member.

The only permanent structures permitted on a burial plot is a headstone (which may be elevated or at ground level), a foot maker (which must be at ground level) and family plot boundary markers (which must be at ground level), with the exception of those installed prior to when perpetual care began. The exception to an elevated headstone is that crematoria plots are restricted to ground level only.

No fences will be permitted to be installed around grave plots with the exception of those installed prior to when perpetual care began.

Funeral homes and/or a family member must contact a cemetery board member no later than 24 hours prior to the commencement of opening a burial plot.

The cemetery does not provide the service of opening/closing burial plots. This arrangement can be provided by your funeral home.

Back-hoes or any other type of heavy equipment are not permitted in the cemetery to dig burial plots without the approval of the cemetery board in advance. Should any damage be done using such equipment, a charge will be assessed for the cost of repair.

The cemetery will not be held liable for any difficulties involved in the opening/closing of burials plots, either by the actions of those digging or by the physical condition of the ground being dug.